1. All visitors along the trails and on the river should at all time wear their  access armbands 

  2. No intoxicated  cyclists, hikers or runners allowed on the trails

  3. Hikers, runners, cyclists should always  stay on the trails  and  adhere to route markers and warnings 

  4. Be at all times  respectful  to farm animals, wild animals and other trail users

  5. Koedoeslaagte is a nature reserve:  fishing and hunting is prohibited. Paddlers are not allowed to launch from Koedoeslaagte to fish

  6. No pets are allowed 

  7. Feeding of wild animals are strictly prohibited 

  8. Feathers and porcupine quills found along the routes may be collected.  No rocks, animals, wood, plants or plant material may be removed, damaged or defaced. Do not harm animals and do not disturb nests/dens 

  9. No open fires 

  10. No smoking  along routes  and  no alcohol  allowed on the routes 

  11. No littering 

  12. Minors swimming in the Koedoe dam or in the river should at all times be under parental/guardian's supervision 

  13. While on the river, swimmers and paddlers must wear  life-jackets at all times 

Contact Koedoeslaagte: Dylanya at H/O +27 11 888 1590 or Attie Koekemoer +27 82 335 3358