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Sometimes our visitors go the extra mile to promote Koedoeslaagte in style.

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Nikki Oosthuizen A.jpg
Nikki Oosthuizen A.jpg

Go South!

by Nikki Oosthuizen

Let’s talk about the fact, that, as walkers who reign from the concrete jungles of Johannesburg and Pretoria, we always seem to go walking in the “north.” Now you will have to forgive me, primarily because my sense of direction is wilfully awful and I get lost in places like malls and parking lots. No matter, I still believe that we, walkers who love to go outside and be in nature, we go North. North to Pretoria, North to the Magaliesberg, North to North-North. Sure, sure, there are some East bits, some West bits, and, all the bits in between, but, BUT, we generally haul our bottoms North. It does, after all, hold one of our mightiest mountain ranges, and she sure it pretty. However, what if I told you that you could go South? South towards the Vaal! South towards Parys! Not Paris! But, Parys! South and yet you still somehow end up in the North West Province at Koedoeslaagte, in the Vredefort Dome. In this little slice of paradise, you are on the stoep of Gauteng, and almost quite literally on the border between the North West and the Free State. The border, between the two and, runs up the middle of the voluminous Vaal River! So, you’ve gone, South-South and a bit more South to end up in the North West but on the Border with the Free State. I just found this amusing. Lol, it’s the little things.


Let’s talk about Koedoeslaagte. I found it by chance on the all trails app and instantly decided that “South we go!” I am pretty pleased that we did. Koedoeslaagte offers, trial running, hiking, biking, canoeing, kayaking, there is a braai area, a kuier area, lots of bird viewing and, I am certain that if you were to stay the night, the star gazing would be out of this world!

Upon arrival, we are greeted by the most-warm, the most-welcoming and friendly host. He is definitely kind, with soft silver hair, sky blue eyes and a smile so sincere and welcoming. He takes our payment R50.00 for an adult and R25.00 for the Tween. He takes us to their 3D topographic map (Yip, they are fancy out there) and demonstrates the various trails available. Urg! He was just so nice! Like the smell of freshly baked bread kinda nice! He was funny too. He warned us of the Likkewaan (Monitor Lizards – the giant, supersized lizards), of which they have plenty! The Ikkewaan would be chilling by the rapids. How dope is that? Not only a hiking trail, but, koppies and rivers and horsies and Likkewaans! Oh my!

The trail was spectacular! Very well marked! The scenery was inspiring and warm and welcoming! The majesty of the ever flowing Vaal river is gratifying! The tween enjoyed it! I enjoyed it! It’s a beautiful place! It is a welcoming space! It is!

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